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The Team!

Last week I went into a little detail about "my history" and "my story" BUT I cannot forget the team that keeps this club a float!

Cassandra and Jessica are Co Presidents of the Sea Foxes and really keep things moving. I couldn't possibly do it without them! Back in April I accepted a short term job offer in Ontario, but needed someone to watch the club and run events for me while I was away. These two wonderful ladies were an obvious choice!

Cassandra, Jess, and our good friend Sonya joined me on an episode of Dive In the podcast for PADI Women's Dive Day. Check out that episode and learn a little more about these awesome divers with all sorts of different backgrounds!

Cassandra is an absolute fire cracker. Her passion for diving is obvious, but her passion for seals is more obvious! I was fairly certain she was going to change the Sea Foxes to the Sea Seals after I left. I met Cassandra at the dive shop, I was actually packing a rental gear bag for her. Justin left me the list and I said "This wetsuit size can't be correct, it's too small for a woman!" and well then in walks Cassandra! She is living proof anyone can be a cold water diver and her size has never stopped her. Cassandra was thrilled to take on the club for me while I'm away (and I'm really hoping she stays even after I comeback!!!!) and she has surpassed my wildest dreams & expectations.

Jess lights up any room with her positivity and enthusiasm. She is so generous and always wanting to help. When she came to the first ever Sea Foxes meeting as a new unexperienced diver she was volunteering her efforts for every event, dive, and everything else you could imagine. At every event she shows up with the biggest smile, and gets everyone pumped up. She is also the first person to take it slow with a new diver and make sure they are comfortable. Jess was so excited when I asked her if she would help run the Sea Foxes while I'm away, and much like Cassandra, I hope she never leaves!!

Cassandra started as a down south diver, and has fallen in love with diving in Nova Scotia. Jess started as a cold water diver and continues to develop and excel here. They are the perfect combo with different background, but similar values when it comes to diving. I am so lucky to have these wonderful ladies, but more importantly friends.

Hopefully you got to know these two key players in how the Sea Foxes stay a float! They are irreplaceable and have been a huge help to me. If you ever get the chance to dive with the Sea Foxes, make sure you meet these girls! The girls come for the diving... but stay for Cassandra & Jess! lol

Happy diving


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