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Cold Water Diving Tips

With the weather getting colder and winter approaching it’s time to adjust how we dive!

Locally in Halifax, there can be some major adjustments between summer diving & winter. The water is getting colder, and so is the air, therefore we need to take extra precautions to keep ourselves safe & comfortable!

Here are my top 5 Cold Water Diving Tips in Cold Weather:

1. Bring a Blanket, Sweater, Toque, & Mittens

Go totally overkill on the post dive attire. even if it’s 5 degrees outside, act like it’s -5! Usually getting in is no problem, it’s the getting out and gearing down that’s really cold. Have some warm dry clothes to put on afterwards, and wrap yourself in a blanket. Us girls with long hair will also understand how chilly that can be, make sure you have a warm hat to put on afterwards, and even bring a towel to start that drying process!

2. Bring Food & Thermos with Warm Beverage

Being cold sucks, being cold & hungry really sucks. Having some food and a warm drink for after the dive makes a huge difference. You are burning calories like crazy cold water diving, so having something to eat after the dive will make you feel a million times better! Plus no one is ever sad to have a hot coffee (or tea) waiting for them!

3. Thermos of WARM Water

For the wetsuit divers, I’m sure you’ve heard of this trick... but this is a pre dive tip! Fill your wetsuit with WARM water from a thermos before the dive. If I told you I’ve never done this before teaching an OW class in the pool I’d be lying...

4. Don‘t Over Heat Yourself Pre-Dive

Sometimes we are quick to bundle up before our cold dive, or zip up our drysuits too early. Resulting in the feeling of being sweaty, weak, and overheated. Once you’re in the water and cooled down, usually all that sweat gets really cold, and your sweaty wet undergarments aren’t keeping you warm anymore. As you are gearing up regulate your body temperature, put your drysuit on but don’t zip it until you need to.

5. Start The Car Early

Especially on a shore dive, once you get back to your vehicle and get your tanks off, reach in and start that baby up (If you have seat-heaters get those suckers on the go too). While you gear down, get dressed, have your snack & hot coffee, by the time you get into your vehicle it will be nice and toasty! There are few things worse than getting into that cold car and shivering while driving until it warms up.

There you have it, 5 of my tips for cold water diving as the temperatures begin to drop!

Happy Diving, and Stay Warm!


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